The Social Media for Customer Service Summit in New York

This is the fifth year that CSMCS will be held in New York which is known to be the largest and possibly the best customer service care event in the United States. The event will be held on October 22 and 23 at 333 Adams Street Brooklyn, New York.

This year plans to be explosive with more than forty new speakers, which includes over ten VP’s of customer service, two tailored tracks, more than 200 corporate peers along with more than 15 interactive sessions.

The experts you can expect at the Summit include Time Warner Cable, VP Customer Service; Travelzoo, SVP Global Customer Service; Spotify, VP, Global Customer Support; AT&T, Head of Social Support; Microsoft, Director of Community and Customer Support; Hilton Worldwide, Director, Guest Assistance and Customer Care; Google, Head of Social Engagement; Whole Foods, Social Media Community Director; Virgin America, VP Guest Services; Siemens, Global VP, Digital Marketing; Intel, Head of Issue and Crisis Management; Toms, Global Vice President Digital Direct to Consumer Web Development; American Airlines, Head of Social Support; and Intuit, Vice President, Online Care, to  name a few.

These speakers will not just be telling you all the good things they did in 2015 but also many of the challenges they met during 2015. The good news is that if you want to learn more about how to ensure your customer service department is doing its best, you do not want to miss this summit.

A few of the topics include integration which means to fully embed social into your communications center operations; scale up which is to upgrade the business case and strategy used to help you grow your own personal support team that will meet the demands of your customers; personalize of course is to empower your employees with the tools and context rich insight they need to succeed; and analyze what you hear from listening to customers as well as the data you receive. You must understand your customers if you wish to connect and keep them coming back for your products or services.

You also will learn how to be agile. This will ensure that the structure of your organization will evolve as well as your processes so you can ensure your customer is cared for at their own pace while supporting them in the choices they make.

The summit speakers and those behind the scenes have listened so that they can ensure you will learn from senior corporate speakers that will aid in your job performance, you will hear all the core topics that you and others in your position have told you want to learn more about, and of course the big brands will be there as well such as Coca Cola, General Electric, Adidas, Red Bull, Mondelez International, citi, Pepsi, eBay, Sony, and P&G among others.

Interact with others and learn how to better perform your job skills to keep customers happy and wanting to use your products or services by attending this summit that is sure to give you all the information and tools you need to succeed.


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