Stop Those Traffic Drops to your New York Website

Do you keep noticing drops in your traffic? There are reasons this can and does occur to every website including those in New York. One of the results may be new Google algorithm changes like when Panda first came out. However, there are more things that can cause this to happen that you can stop or at least do your best to avoid.

You may have some type of bug that has stopped traffic by adding a “noindex” for robots. This small little bug was telling all robots not to index the pages in the Meta tag. This small tiny infection of the website can actually tell all search engines to ignore pages of your website.

If you slowly start seeing drops in your traffic, it may be time to talk with the person that configures your server. You may only notice a 10% drop and then in the next day a 20% and so on. Just a simple thing like that can cause your traffic to slow down. If so, you may need to re-architect your website. You can always call on Google to learn how to use 301 redirects, mapping the old content to the new content and then possibly doing a complete re-launch of your website.

Another problem to check is if you have any redirects that are not working. There are several different reasons that there can be broken redirects due to using the primary keyword in the url, removing the parameters of the url, changing the structure of the folder, making user friendly url’s, and changing to https which causes a new url, among many others.

Not long ago, there was a bug out there that actually removed around half of the content from sitemaps when search engines crawl a large HTML sitemap. The main reason this bug was hard to detect for so long is that HTML sitemaps are not pages that are normally visited so if links were broken they were not noticed at first. However, in order to find these missing links on your sitemap is to click each one and ensure they are working.

Testing your New York SEO

This is not always an easy task; therefore it is normally best to hire a person that has experience in finding issues with drops in traffic. You may have 5 very important page templates and there could be 10 things that you want to verify on every template this means that you will need to verify every release which can take you away from your business when you try to fix the problems. The first thing to always check is a no-index tag on each page, the title needs to be correct as well. It may be hard to find if your specific keywords have been removed from the script.

By using an SEO company to audit your website, the issues can be found and can be handled even if it might take some time. The good news is that you will have a professional working on your New York SEO problems so you can still handle the business end of your company.


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