SEO Practices New Yorkers Need to Stop Today

No matter if you are a website owner, business owner, or even a marketer that are a few no-no’s that you should stop today if you want to rank in the search engines when it comes to SEO practices.

Stuffing keywords

This practice use to be a huge used by webmasters to get into the search engines quickly and beat the competition. Today, especially Google watches out for keyword stuffing and will actually penalize a website for using an unnatural amount of the same word or phrase. When you use the words over and over again, the content no longer makes sense and truly makes your website worthless in the eyes of quality content.

Things of those Search Engine Robots before your Visitors

The truth is that you can use the right keywords and phrases and still have content that your visitors will enjoy and the search engine robots will gobble up at the same time. Never think of creating your website with the robots in mind first. First, consider the reason you have a website, which are visitors that are interested in your products or services. Robot may help to put you in the search engines, but if visitors arrive and they find low quality information or content, they will look elsewhere. Always put your visitors first and robots second. The robots know what to look for and quickly be able to know what your website is about and how it should be listed if you use proper SEO techniques.

Ignoring the Content on your Website

Too many times, due to SEO purposes you only look at the content on your website. The SEO should really begin with the URL, the main keywords, your SEO title and your Meta description. From here the content should flow so visitors will stay longer but of course use your keywords in a way that the content flows and is understandable by visitors.

Content is still king, whether you want to rank in search engines or have your potential customers find useful information on your website. Bad content is a sure fire way to lose search engine ranking, while quality SEO practices that are interesting and engaging are the most important.

Remember, Google has grown up and know the bad strategies that everyone is using to try to rank high in the search engines just like all the search engines. If you are not sure how to use the proper SEO techniques as online marketing and SEO is changing all the time, then you should contact a professional SEO company that will give you advice and evaluate your website so you will rank well and gain traffic at the same time.

SEO may be thought of as a game, but if you know the proper ways to optimize your website you will not only gain traffic but loyal customers that will enjoy visiting your website. The longer a visitor stays the better it is not only for your business but your SEO practices.


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