New York SEO Provider Named “Best of the State”

Before we get into what SEO is or why it is needed, let’s congratulation, New York SEO Provider

H3adrush’s president is Providence Green that was excited to learn that his business was recognized by Utah Technology Nerd as “Best of the State” in June of 2015 for Best Advertising Keywords. This is a wonderful achievement in the IT world and of course for SEO in New York.

SEO short for search engine optimization is the process of creating the way a website looks or just a webpage to the search engines. Search engines look at websites to find if the visibility of the site is natural or organic in their search results. Once this decided by the search engine it will be determined the speed your website will be listed as well as the ranking of your website in their search engines which even includes how many times the website will be seen in the results page for various keywords. What you want is your listing to be found in various ways which means in different results. This will provide you with more traffic to your website or page. SEO can target a variety of different types of searches including local search, image search, academic search, video search, industry specific search and news search.

Companies need an internet marketing strategy, so they must first learn how the search engines truly work, what visitors are looking for, and the keywords or search terms that are being searched for on various search engines. They must also learn which search engine their visitors use more often. When a company optimizes their website or allows a SEO company to do the work for them, there are many different things involved such as coding, HTML, and content that will then increase the relevance to specific keyword phrases or keywords along with getting rid of barriers that may stop the indexing of the website in various search engines. The process even goes more in depth by increasing inbound links or backlinks as an SEO scheme.

Those that built websites or provided content started optimizing for all the search engines starting in the 1990’s as soon as the engines began cataloging websites. In the early days, it was simple to get into a search engine. All you had to do was submit the address of your website and then they would send out their robots to crawl the site to learn which pages to catalog and place in result pages. The process is still very similar as the robots will crawl your website or page and place it on their own server. At this time, the engine uses what is called an indexer that will extract information about the website such as the words that are used and where they are located on the page. The indexer will then put weight on specific words (your keywords or keyword phrases) along with every link on your website. Those links are often crawled at a different time than the page that was submitted.

Receiving recognition for Best Advertising Keywords is a wonderful honor for this New York SEO Provider.

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