Importance of Local New York SEO Campaigns

Performing a local New York SEO campaign can be a very challenging if not difficult task, especially for those that are not SEO experts. This means that many businesses are missing out on local traffic if they do not know the best way to draw local traffic to their website. There are really things in marketing that you can do both online and offline that will help with gaining local New York traffic that you should implement into your marketing campaign.

Local Business Information

Too many times, businesses do not add such things as their name, address and telephone number on every page of their website. If you are only putting this information on your About US page you are making a huge SEO mistake. This ensures that Google that will index the most information regarding your website so when a potential customer adds New York and they type of business, product or service you offer, you will come up more often than your competitors.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Today, everyone has some type of mobile gadget that is used while they are out and about around town looking for businesses, restaurants, stores, and products. If you optimize your website so it can be viewed on cell phones, tablets, and also desktop computers you will be able to be seen by more potential customers. Recent studies have shown if you optimize for mobile gadgets, you can increase not only your traffic but new customers.

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is a wonderful way to obtain a better New York listing which will certainly help you beat your competition. There are all kinds of Google services that can give you more exposure locally so you can truly grab more local traffic including Google+, maps, and search. This actually will help potential customers find you much easier than ever before. Consider visiting a website that not only provides an address and telephone number but even a map that will guide them right to your door. This is what Google services can do for your New York business. Always add all the information you can regarding your business to help the search engines ensure those looking for what you offer you can find you easily.

Link Building with Local New York Businesses

As long as you are getting high quality authoritative links that are in your local area you are actually building your business to be considered an authority as well. Adding your business to local directories is also important. The more ways you get out that your business is in New York the more traffic you will receive and the more customers you start seeing coming to your store.

Add a Review Page to your Website

Allow your visitors to fill out a form so they can leave reviews of your products or services. This will also help with your Google rankings.

You need to ensure that you are doing all you can to obtain local traffic. Your website may be seen all over the world, but if you are a service company, it most cases, you are not going to travel to the UK to perform the service. Local traffic is essential if you want your business to grow and local SEO is the answer.


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